New Enhancement for Prostate Cancer

TargetScan Touch™

TargetScan Touch™ is a device that allows physicians to precisely place gold markers in the prostate to expedite the Cyberknife treatment process. The system includes a hands-free motionless probe that allows for better targeting of the prostate. This probe, along with 3-D mapping technology, allows the physician to produce a clear 3-D image of the prostate to better target the treatment site.


TargetScan™ Touch Benefits

  • Improves the speed & accuracy of fiducial placement
  • Allows for prostate mapping prior to treatment decisions
  • Reduces patient discomfort and increases needle accuracy

Space OAR System:

SpaceOAR system allows protection of the rectum during prostate radiation. A biodegradeable hydrogel is placed between the anterior rectal wall and the prostate to create a space. This spacing allows the rectum to be moved away from the prostate decreasing the radiation dose to the rectum. The additional space decreases the exposure of the rectum to radiation therapy and can reduce the risks of treatment side effects while maximizing treatment of prostate cancer. The SpaceOAR system remains in place for the duration of radiation treatment and is slowly absorped by the body over time.


Xofigo (Radium-223 dichloride) is a new FDA approved radioactive isotope indicated for the treatment of patients with prostate cancer that has spread to bone.  Eligible patients for this new form of treatment must have known prostate cancer that spread to bone which no longer responds to androgen deprivation therapy, commonly referred to as castration-resistant prostate cancer.  Prior treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation treatment, are permitted prior to Xofigo treatment.

Radium-223 is an injected form of radiation with unique physical properties superior to older forms of radiopharmaceutical treatment.  The isotope functions as a bone-seeking calcium mimetic, which rapidly binds to osteoblastic or sclerotic metastases throughout the body.  Once in the bone, the isotope decays into alpha-particles that are 20 times more powerful than standard x-rays to induce permanent DNA damage of the cancer cells, resulting in a highly-localized cytotoxic effect within the target area.  More importantly, this drug does not release radiation to internal organs, and a patient will not present any radioactive danger to family or the general public.  Treatments are administered by a radiation oncologist in a series of six monthly injections.

The benefits of this exciting new treatment were reported in the phase III ALSYMPCA trial (NEJM, July 2013) demonstrating for the first time a treatment that increases the patients’ life expectancy, protects the patient from an adverse skeletal event, and offers an improved quality of life. The treatment is very well-tolerated, with low myelosuppresive effects or other  adverse events which allows patients to continue other traditional therapies after treatment.

Ocean Medical Center is one of the first hospitals in the New Jersey to offer treatment with Radium-223.  For additional information or to refer a patient for treatment, please contact the facility closest to you for treatment.

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